A Fresh Wave of Flavor at Aethos Ericeira’s ONDA Restaurant

Nestled atop a cliff with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic, Aethos Ericeira and its restaurant Onda have long been a destination for those seeking a unique dining experience. With Chef Nuno Matos’s recent arrival, the culinary offerings have been elevated to new heights, promising an exciting and sustainable journey for every palate.

Known for his commitment to simple yet refined cuisine, Chef Nuno Matos emphasizes high-quality, ideally local and seasonal products without unnecessary complexity. His recent move to Ericeira has already made a significant impact at Onda, where he champions flavors that allow the ingredients to shine, particularly highlighting the bounty of the sea just steps from the restaurant.

“Above all, I want to have fun and create a dynamic kitchen,” says Chef Matos. His dishes, characterized by fewer elements but always accompanied by a well-matched garnish, reflect his belief in treating every ingredient with care, regardless of its cost. This philosophy extends to every aspect of his culinary creations.

A Menu for Every Moment

The lunch menu at Onda is designed to be casual, light, and quick without compromising on flavor or quality. Standout dishes include the Ceviche of the day, Clams à Bulhão Pato with garlic and coriander, and a Beetroot and orange salad with lamb’s lettuce, almonds, and blue cheese, dressed with an apple vinegar, honey, and seaweed vinaigrette that rivals the stunning Atlantic views from within the restaurant.

Dinner service transitions to a more gastronomic approach, offering a wider variety of choices. Notable main courses feature Atlantic Octopus with walnut sauce, grapes, and parsley; Sea Bass and squid from the Atlantic with fennel rice and samphire; Roasted celeriac root with miso, king oyster mushroom, and red wine sauce; and Wild Grouper with cauliflower, pak choi, and roasted onion. Desserts are a must-try, with Lemon Posset, raspberry sorbet, almond crumble; Corn cream, popcorn ice cream, salted caramel; and Coconut rice pudding, tangerine sorbet, and samphire on the menu.

Aethos Ericeira’s General Manager, Floris Boyen, is confident in creating a distinctive identity that aligns with the hotel’s various outlets, from Onda to the pool bar. “We believe his focus on flavor and freshness, his love for the sea, and his talent for naturally working with vegetables resonate with what our clients and local residents aspire to,” says Boyen.

Sustainability and inclusivity at the core

Carrying forward his dedication to sustainability and flexibility, a commitment that earned him recognition while at the helm of Six Senses Douro Valley’s Vale Abraão restaurant, at Onda Chef Matos ensures that the menu caters to a variety of dietary preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.


A Michelin-Starred legacy

Chef Matos brings a wealth of experience from his time in the kitchens of Six Senses Douro Valley, Zaranda in Mallorca (2 Michelin stars), Saturne in Paris (1 Michelin star), Relae in Copenhagen (1 Michelin star), and his initial stage at The Fat Duck (3 Michelin stars) in the UK.

Fun and casual during the day – relaxed and elevated at night

Although the lunch menu at Onda maintains a casual, light, and speedy ethos, ensuring flavor and quality remain uncompromised, the dinner service shifts towards a more gastronomic approach, presenting a broader array of choices.


Discovering new flavors

Notable main courses feature Atlantic Octopus with walnut sauce, grapes, and parsley, enticing diners with innovative flavor combinations and exquisite presentation.

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