The art of traditional archery

When you think of archery, it may conjure up images of Robin Hood and men in medieval attire running along castle walls with a bow in hand. Fortunately, you don’t need to watch movies to see this – you can simply travel to Italy.

In the region of Umbria, you may find archers dressed in medieval dress, raising their bows in competition. These historical re-enactments transport visitors to a bygone era as they are immersed in crowds of people dressed in traditional attire participating in various archery obstacles around the village. In addition to these historical re-enactments, archery tournaments are common throughout the region, with master archers from all over the country coming to compete.

These tournaments have become an important piece of local tourism and are often paired with other events like flag-waving, dancing and medieval-inspired cuisine. The sport has a long history, where men were once required to practice regularly. Though no longer required by law, many still actively participate today. Italy is known for its highly skilled archers who continuously win accolades at competitions around the world.

Originally used to hunt, the bow was eventually used as a weapon of war and for protection. Over time the tool was replaced with modern warfare and was a forgotten sport in the Olympics, excluded until 1972. Although it was forgotten in many parts of the world, it has continuously been practiced in Italy and remained a competitive sport for both men and women since the 1930s.

For many master archers, archery is much more than a sport. Many philosophers have referenced the bow, believing it to be the perfect symbol for life and self-awareness. The region of Umbria has become a travel destination for archers around the world as it is known for its many archery facilities surrounded by green rolling hills. There are also opportunities to learn more about archery, like constructing a bow and receiving one-on-one lessons from a local master.

Aethos offers much more than luxury accommodations. We provide you with experiences and memories to cherish forever. If you prefer a more active vacation, you can learn the ancient art and medieval sport of archery. At Aethos hotel, you have a wide range of unique and exclusive experiences to choose from. Archery is one of these exclusive experiences that may be individually customized. You can design your itinerary, opting for a solo experience or one shared with friends and family.

On the property, surrounded by the rolling hills of Saragano, you will find our shooting range. You will be accompanied by Aethos master archer, who will teach you Umbria’s traditional form of bow shooting, how to make arrows and how to nail a bullseye. This is a truly unique experience that can be topped off with a cold drink and a delicious meal at our CECI restaurant.

The best souvenirs are memories of unique experiences in extraordinary places. For an exclusive and memorable holiday, take a private archery lesson.

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