24 Hours in Ericeira: A Guide to Portugal’s Surfing Paradise

Ericeira offers plenty for a relaxing and enjoyable getaway, whether you’re a surfer or not. Here are some suggestions on how to spend 24 hours in this beautiful destination.


Morning: Surfing and Breakfast?

Begin your day with an exhilarating surfing session at one of the various beaches in Ericeira. The town boasts over a dozen beaches with world-class waves for all levels of surfers. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find a spot that suits your skills and preferences. You can rent a board and a wet-suit at one of the many local surf shops or book a lesson with giant waves pro surfer Joana Andrade, Aethos Ericeira’s very own surf instructor.

After catching some waves, head back to Aethos Ericeira for a well-deserved breakfast featuring local and organic products, vegetarian and vegan options, and stunning ocean views.

Afternoon: Sightseeing and Lunch

After breakfast, head to the charming old town of Ericeira, where you can wander through the narrow cobblestone streets and admire the white houses with blue trim. Along the way, you’ll encounter several historical and cultural landmarks, such as the 15th-century Igreja de Santa Marta, the Capela da Boa Viagem with its stunning views of the coast, and the Ermida de São Sebastião, which houses a museum of sacred art.

If you’re looking for a delicious lunch option, you can’t go wrong with the fresh seafood served at one of Ericeira’s many restaurants. Local specialties like arroz de marisco (seafood rice), sopa de peixe (fish soup), or ouriços do Mar (sea urchins) are definitely worth a try.

Evening: Sunset and Dinner

During the evening, make your way to Praia dos Pescadores, Ericeira’s iconic beach. You can witness a stunning sunset over the fishing port and boats here. Furthermore, it’s an excellent spot to socialize with the locals and revel in the town’s vibrant ambiance.

For a dining experience you won’t forget, make a reservation at ONDA restaurant in Aethos Ericeira. Its menu offers a carefully crafted selection of delicious dishes, ranging from seafood to grilled meats, all beautifully presented and bursting with flavor.


Night: Drinks and Music

If you still have some energy left after dinner, you can enjoy drinks and music at one of Ericeira’s bars or clubs. You can choose from different styles and vibes, from laid-back pubs to lively discos. Some of the most popular places are Jukebox, a retro-themed bar that plays rock and pop classics; Tubo, a surf-themed bar that hosts live bands and DJs; or Ouriço, an iconic club that has been open since 1947 and attracts famous artists.

If you’re planning to visit Ericeira, you’re in for an unforgettable experience in this surfing paradise. And if you’re searching for a luxurious, eco-friendly, and nature-friendly place to stay, Aethos Ericeira is a perfect choice. Book your stay now and experience more than a place to rest your head.


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