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Aethos is setting new standards for European real estate owners. An operator designed and tailored to maximising returns for investors and property owners.

Who we are

Aethos is a tech enabled lifestyle hospitality operator focusing on today's conscious and purposeful travellers. Founded on the belief that travelling and hospitality should be an experience that leaves a positive and lasting impact on your body, mind and soul.

Aethos is creating a new kind of sanctuary experience for a global community of conscious explorer. It is authentic and natural, promoting personal growth and well-being through our collection of incredible spaces and places. We exemplify our spaces to provide our community with experiences that promote healing, well-being and

The Mission at Aethos is to enrich our communities lives through offering transformational and meaningful moments that have a positive and lasting impact.

How we do it better

We leverage on global mega trends

Community, Co-Work & the Emergence of Member Club

  • The modern day affluent traveller is looking for a sense of place and belonging, an authentic contact with the community she travels to
  • With Soho House exporting the concept beyond London, more metro audiences are actively seeking Soho House-type offerings
  • Co-Working or “work from anywhere” has become a major part of the office culture

Emphasis on Physical & Mental Well-being

  • A significant rise in depression, anxiety and obesity has led to a generational shift in favour of increased mindfulness and healthy living
  • Huge demand for meditation & consciousness offerings, as well as group experiences such as Yoga, Pilates or Peloton
  • Being fit, working out is the new normal – in stark comparison to the party culture of the 1990’s and early 2000s

High Demand for Personalized & Memorable Travel Experience

  • Travellers are turning into pioneers and are seeking memorable, authentic experiences.
  • Social media is a major driver for experimental food & beverage offerings as well as shoot-worthy travel experiences.
  • AirBnB has opened up a new
 category of travel experiences; demand for standards and consistency persists while authenticity, culture and community remain important.

Revenue Drivers

We know how to create F&B spaces

In city destinations, 40% of property revenue comes from our F&B outlets.

Members club

Membership fees secure stable monthly returns and act as a downside protection to property owners.

Top notch design

Our hotels are curated by world class designers allowing us to sell a high end lifestyle product.

High Efficiencies

No time for old school regulations

As a lifestyle hotel, we operate a lean operational model while achieving 5* ADRs; We don’t have to comply with unnecessary and outdated costly regulations that don’t benefit our customer experiences.

No outdated hospitality structures

We only have Hosts, functioning in diverse fields, allowing us to increase the productivity and functionality of staff within the surrounding area.

Tech stack above all

We are highly digitalized at head office as well as property level.

Case Study Aethos Milan:

Reflagging a Bankrupt Hotel

  • 25% Revenue Growth
  • 35% GOP Growth
  • 40% Lower Fees
  • 50% We Increased F&B Revenue

The Next Generation is Ours

66%of Millenial Travelers marked experiences as their most important factor when going on holiday
35is the age of the average Aethos guest
70%of the workforce will be Gen Z and Millennials by 2030

Become our Partner

Aethos as an operator is integrated with Real Estate and Private Equity funds. Our operation model and terms are adjusted to maximise the returns of our partners. Get in touch to find out more.