Q&A with Nicola, Bar Manager at The Doping Bar Milano

Nicola, Aethos Milan’s Doping Bar Manager, is a talented mixologist who has dedicated years to perfecting the art of mixing drinks. Learn more about his love for mixology, his background, and the influences behind The Doping’s fascinating bar menu.


How did you develop your interest in mixology?

My passion for mixology was ignited over 10 years ago after I finished school while working in my hometown’s bar. Since then, I have been driven by the desire to learn the art of mixology, constantly grow, improve, and eventually turn it into my profession.


Tell us about the first years of your career. How did you learn, and what were your most significant experiences?

Over the years, I’ve put in a lot of effort and time into expanding my knowledge and skills. I’ve attended numerous courses and masterclasses, which have helped me grow my horizons and enhance my abilities. Whenever I get an opportunity, I always approach it with a curious mind, trying different things and learning from my mistakes. By constantly learning and growing, I can keep improving myself and achieve more success in the future.

How do you stay current with mixology trends and incorporate them into your daily drink preparation?

To stay current in my field, I learn and discuss with colleagues. I feel that experimenting every day is vital to getting better and better. It’s all about trying new things and exploring new approaches to reach the next level.


How is the The Doping menu created? Where does it take inspiration from?

We recently collaborated with the guys at The Doping to create a fascinating drink menu. It draws inspiration from various folk dances from around the world, incorporating the unique cultures of different countries, including their foods, drinks, and history.


If you had to describe Doping in 3 words, what would they be?

Suggestive, stimulating, and incredible.


Last but not least, what’s your favorite drink?

I am not a big drinker, but if I had to choose a drink, I would say a good American.

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