Our Story

The Aethos hotels are a library of destinations that celebrate the curiosities of culture.

Find us in the beating heart of a city, buzzing at the same frequency as the hottest eateries, gallery openings, or festivals. Or in the countryside, where our human senses surrender to nature’s subtle perfection and the wholesomeness of rural life.

What is Aethos?

AETHOS is the shared spirit & ideal that connect our global community.

An intangible affinity flowing between individuals, forming a global family of conscious explorers, all following the same path to a common goal.

Forging bonds not only between each other, but also to the spaces they occupy and the places they visit.

What do we stand for?

AETHOS stands for freedom from the stresses and anxieties of modern life. Providing places for people to find their own sanctuary.

Champions of self-betterment and well-being, we explore the connection between people and environment to promote personal growth. With a commitment to sustainability and the benefits of the natural world.

Our Aethos

Aethos, derived from the greek word “Ethos” (“the characteristic spirit of a culture”) – is much more than a brand.

It’s a collective spirit of adventure, a community focused sanctuary that allows everyone to rediscover their connection to their body, soul and spirit.

We are a community of conscious explorers that seek authentic travel experiences and a healthy, positive lifestyle that is mindful of our surroundings.

The Aethos Method

Our hospitality is a platform for you to reset yourself. To let go from your day to day stress and center yourself in a sanctuary of stress free activities and nourishing, fresh and authentic food.


Our body is our temple, and at Aethos we will help you keep your body healthy, gain strength and build resilience. All systems in our body help us stay alive, and our balanced approach will build health from the inside out.


The source of true happiness goes deeper than our conscious awareness of the moment. At Aethos we provide the tools to break through the state of always-on, and let you dive deeper to unbundle the power of your subconscious mind.


The Aethos method allows you to open up your mind and heart to discover emotions that are crucial to recovery. Physical activities and mindfulness create a new state of awe, appreciation and vulnerability, that allow for a new balance of your emotional body.


We will be launching soon in exciting destinations around Europe.
If you want to be among the first to get invited to our private art events or food programming.