Monte Rosa: discover one of Europe’s best kept secrets

Blue skies, sun, snow, fresh air, and countless opportunities for outdoor activities away from crowds: the perfect solution for those looking to break free from the stress and routine of everyday life. The source of this wellness prescription? Monte Rosa, the second highest mountain in Italy, located in the Pennine Alps between Italy and Switzerland.

Known throughout the centuries by various names (Nelkron, Nelikron, Mont Pan, Monte Silvio, and Biosson), the origin of its current name has several theories: some say it comes from the Longobardic word “Hrosa” (an extinct language spoken by the Germanics who settled in Italy in the 6th century); others argue that it originated from the Aostian word “roëse”; and there’s also those defending its relation to the Latin word “Rosia”. Regardless of its true origin, the meaning of the word is shared by all theories: mountain of ice.

Monte Rosa offers some of the best opportunities in Europe for off-piste freeriding and heli-skiing. Its 180 km of trails are a delight to any snow and mountain sports lover, who find here the perfect haven for a few days of relaxation and communion with nature.

Of the three valleys that occupy the base of Monte Rosa, the pine wood-surrounded Champoluc is the largest. As far as skiing is concerned, it’s ideal for beginner and intermediate levels, with an easily accessible slope in Antagnod. It also offers a wide range of off-mountain activities such as ice skating, ice climbing, snowshoeing, the classic Italian après-ski and several stores, boutiques and restaurants. The ideal place to relax after a day of intense mountain activities, while admiring the incredible view over the region’s dramatic glaciers and peaks.


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