Experience the luxury & nostalgia of a different time – Welcome to Aethos Sardinia

Imagine a place where time seems to slow down, and the gentle rhythms of the sea and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun guide your day. Aethos Sardinia embodies this essence—a modern sanctuary where past glamour merges with the present, creating a nostalgic yet vibrant atmosphere.

The architecture of Aethos Sardinia, a harmonious extension of the surrounding landscape, frames panoramic vistas that capture the essence of the region—the azure expanse of the sea, the sweeping Gulf, and the enchanting La Maddalena Archipelago. Inside, Astet Studio’s design narrative pays homage to the island’s architectural heritage while infusing a fresh, modern aesthetic.

The heart of Aethos Sardinia beats in its common areas, where guests can feel an atmosphere of community and tranquility. The two exterior freshwater pools are not just waterscapes but mirrors reflecting the vast skies and the beauty of the surrounding nature. The gym’s panoramic views inspire a connection with the environment, and the private deck by the water offers moments of pure disconnection from the world’s bustle.

Its 64 rooms and suites, from the Classic Deluxe Rooms to the exclusive Pool Suites with Sea View, every space is designed with the guests’ ultimate relaxation in mind. The terraces and balconies serve as private stages for nature’s spectacle, while the exclusive 2 and 3-bedroom suites offer secluded gardens and their own freshwater pools.

Every detail at Aethos Sardinia, from the curated selections in the hotel shop to the gastronomic journey at ZAÏA Sardinia, is crafted to enhance the guest’s experience. The restaurant is a mosaic of flavors, where the zest of Mediterranean street food, the spice of Middle Eastern cuisine, and the authenticity of Sardinian traditions come together to create unforgettable culinary moments.

The ethos of wellbeing permeates every aspect of Aethos Sardinia. The holistic treatments are a blend of ancient wisdom and modern innovation designed to rejuvenate the spirit. The curated oceanic adventures are invitations to explore the rugged beauty of the coastline and connect with the local culture through exclusive yacht trips and sunset cruises.

Aethos Sardinia is a celebration of community, a place where conscious explorers gather to connect, learn, and grow—a home away from home. It’s an invitation to unwind, rejuvenate, and indulge in the art of living well.

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