A Guide to the Best Fall Activities in Saragano

Wine Tasting

Sagrantino is the most famous wine produced in the area around Saragano. This full-bodied red wine is made from a native grape variety cultivated here since ancient times. You can taste this and other local wines at Tenuta di Saragano, a winery that has produced local wines since 1921. Aethos Saragano’s wine tour takes you to the estate and its cellars, where you will learn about the history and production of Sagrantino and other native grape varieties.

You will also enjoy a tasting of six different wines paired with cheese, salami, and bread. The tour will end with a visit to the cave, where you can admire the natural rock formations and the ancient wine barrels.

Truffle Hunting

Umbria is known as the land of truffles, and fall is the peak season for finding these precious fungi. You can book a truffle hunting tour with Aethos. Saragano’s truffle hunting tour takes you to explore the woods with a local expert and his dog and then savor a truffle-based menu at CECI, the hotel’s restaurant.

Olive Harvesting 

Another fall activity that you can’t miss in Saragano is olive harvesting. This is a time-honored tradition that involves picking olives by hand from the trees and then pressing them into olive oil. You can participate in this process with Aethos Saragano, which collaborates with Gianni Clerici’s family, who has been producing the finest olive oil for generations. You will learn how to recognize the different kinds of olives, how to harvest them, and how to transform them into olive oil. You will also taste the fresh and fragrant oil on bread or dishes prepared by CECI’s chef, Delfina Vincareti.


Cooking Classes 

If you want to learn how to cook some of the typical dishes of Umbria, you can join a cooking class with Aethos Saragano. The hotel’s chef, Delfina Vincareti, will teach you how to make pasta, pizza, bread, or desserts using local ingredients and recipes. You will also learn about the history and culture of Umbrian cuisine and enjoy your creations with a glass of wine.

Saragano is a perfect destination for a fall getaway in Italy. The warm hospitality and stunning sceneries will make you fall in love with this hidden gem in Italy.

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