What is Aethos?

Aethos is the shared spirit & ideal that connect our global community. An intangible affinity flowing between individuals, forming a global family of conscious explorers, all following the same path to a common goal. Forging bonds not only between each other, but also to the spaces they occupy and the places they visit.

What do we stand for?

AETHOS stands for freedom from the stresses and anxieties of modern life. Providing places for people to find their own sanctuary.

Champions of self-betterment and well-being, we explore the connection between people and the environment to promote personal growth. With a commitment to sustainability and the benefits of the natural world.

Our Story

The Aethos hotels are a library of destinations that celebrate the curiosities of culture.

Find us in the beating heart of a city, buzzing at the same frequency as the hottest eateries, gallery openings, or festivals. Or in the countryside, where our human senses surrender to nature’s subtle perfection and the wholesomeness of rural life.


Our Values Our private members club is built around the concept that the best communities are the ones where people give just as much as they take. This is highlighted via our core principles.