Christmas Recipe

Since it’s Christmas time we leave you with an amazing recipe that we produce at our Club in Lisbon. If you have a “sweet tooth” for sure you will like it, your kids will love it and the table on this special occasion will be even more beautiful!

Start to prepare the cake dough and for that we need to coagulate our milk putting the vinegar on it so we can produce buttermilk, or if you can buy it, just do it, it’s easier, but keep on adding the vinegar to the recipe if so.

Mix thoroughly the sugar and butter (if you prefer just substitute the butter for only oil) and add the eggs one by one to the mixture and keep on mixing. Add the cocoa, buttermilk, coloring, flour, yeast and soda on this order and mix it gently. If you are searching for a vegan version of this recipe besides changing the butter to oil, just change the buttermilk for the same amount of red beetroot pure. It will change dramatically the flavour with a more pronounced earthy flavour that it’s simply amazing!

Cook the cake at 160°C or 320º F, with the shape you like more lined with paper. When ready (it needs to be dry), just let it cool off.In a bowl place the cream cheese and confectioner’s sugar and mix, add some lime zest and put it on a piping bag. If you are a vegan I would recommend to skip this part or to substitute it for a whipped cream of cashew milk with sugar and xantane or some soy cream to whip (easier process) with a little bit of sugar and lime.

To finish the cake you can do it as you see it on the photo or just do a big cake that you can slice, finish it up with some fresh red fruits, it’s really up to you!

So go have fun producing this cake with your family and have yourself a lovely merry Christmas.

For the cake:

300g of sugar
3 eggs
100g of butter (can be replaced by vegetable oil)
50g of vegetable oil
300g of regular wheat flour
30g of powder yeast
3g of salt
35g of cocoa
1 pinch of vanilla (optional)
20g of white vinegar
1 pinch of red food colouring powder
240ml of milk (can be replaced by cooked beetroot pure)

For the topping:

200g of cream cheese (or soy cream to whip)
200g of confectioner’s sugar
Zest of 2 limes

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